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Swivel Fittings
Standard Swivel Fittings
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90° Swivel
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Male to Female Pipe
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Dual Swivel
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Standard Swivel (Without Plastic Covering)
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Three Position
Swivel Tip Nozzle
Used w/Power Washers
Non Marring Swivel Fittings
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Dual Swivel
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Single Swivel

Foster Swivel Fittings improve maneuverability and ergonomics when using air tools and spray guns. Functioning like a universal joint, swivel fittings allow the hose to remain vertical at all times, which reduces operator fatigue, repetitive motion trauma, and fitting chafe.

The patented non-marring series (plastic encapsulated) is ideal for applications where non-marring and scratch reduction is needed.


  • Steel body (1/4" and 3/8"),
    Aluminum body (1/2")

  • High flow capacity, low pressure drop

  • More sizes for simplified plumbing

  • Plastic encapsulation (non-marring Series)

  • 300 PSIG inlet maximum


  • Swivels 360 degrees in two independent planes

  • Allows air hose to hang straight down when used with air tools

  • Reduces operator fatigue

  • Reduces the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Increases air hose life.

Maximum Working Pressure: 300 PSIG

Materials of Construction:

  • Body: Brass and plated steel

  • Seals: Buna N

Note: Foster approved components (May be imported)