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Cush-A-Block Rooftop Supports, Roller Series
Sizes and Pricing   

The CBN-Base Rooftop Support is UV resistant and suitable for installation on most types of roofing material or other flat surfaces. Can be used as a curb (sleeper) replacement. Screw fasteners can be used to attach one or two hole pipe straps or a piece of strut (not included).

The CBN-PRB Rooftop Supports are designed for superior support of natural gas and refrigeration pipes. The roller allows for longitudinal movements of the pipe. This support is suitable for most types of roofing material or other flat surfaces.

Specifications - CBN-PRB Rooftop Supports

  • Cush-A-Block Support with
    1-5/8" Channel

  • Material - 100% recycled rubber,
    UV resistant

  • Pipe O.D. - 1" thru 10"

  • Roof supports come pre-assembled
1-5/8" Pre-Galv. Steel Channel With Rollers
Model No. Pipe
Height to
No. of
CBN1PRB 1" to 2" 8" 7" 10-7/8" 1 9.13
CBN2PRB 2" to 3-1/2" 1 8.94
CBN3PRB 4" to 6" 8-1/8" 1 9.37
CBN4PRB 8" to 10" 10-5/16" 8-5/8" 24" 2 21.26
Uniform load = 2,500 lbs.
This load is only for the capacity of the components in this assembly.
Please consult roofing manufacturer or engineer for roof load capacity

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